Experience top-quality First Aid training and earn a two-year certification from the American Heart Association, ProTraining, and the American Safety & Health Institute. Our courses are led by highly experienced instructors, and they cover a comprehensive range of essential topics, including:

  1. Role of the first aid provider
  2. Protecting yourself during emergencies
  3. Responding to sudden cardiac arrest
  4. Providing care for cardiac arrest victims
  5. Techniques for addressing choking incidents
  6. Control of bleeding and wound management
  7. Understanding and managing shock
  8. Identifying and responding to stroke symptoms
  9. Dealing with poisoning emergencies
  10. Recognizing and aiding individuals with altered mental status
  11. Management of head, neck, and back injuries
  12. First aid for nosebleeds
  13. Treating burns
  14. Responding to heat and cold-related emergencies

And much more! Our courses are designed with a hands-on approach, ensuring that you gain practical skills. We also offer convenient onsite mobile training options. Join us for top-notch training and equip yourself with life-saving knowledge and skills.



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Protraining Basic First Aid ONLY 2 year Certification

Location: Oasis Conference Training Room, 9213 Little Road, New Port Richey, FL 34654

$55.00 2 hours

Our primary objective with our First Aid courses is to empower participants with the knowledge and capabilities to swiftly identify and react to cardiac arrest, respiratory issues, and first aid emergencies. These courses are designed to instruct you on providing immediate assistance to an individual who has suddenly fallen ill or been injured until advanced medical professionals assume control of the situation. Through our all-encompassing training program, you will develop the confidence to respond promptly and efficiently in any emergency scenario and hands on practice.

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