Onsite Mobile CPR Certification Training

The CPR with JR training team offers and specializes in onsite group mobile CPR and Health & Safety Training . What does this mean ? We bring the classroom to you ! CPR with JR training team supplies everything you will need to have an enjoyable interactive hands-on productive CPR training class creating a comfortable training experience in your own environment.
What do we bring to the classroom?
Providing quality training to our instructors, Our high quality equipment includes Manikins with real time feed devices .  The feedback manikins give your training a better sense of rate and depth of 2 inch compressions in the center of the  chest when conducting CPR compression training.
Our Prestan CPR manikins are approved by American Heart Association training for CPR training courses. These manikins have 2 light indicators on the upper left shoulder of the manikin so that you can see your progress on your compressions while practicing in the classroom. Students love these as it encourages correct hand placement and confidence in your life saving skills. Check out mcrmedical.com for more information .
What else do we provide to you onsite mobile CPR training ?
We supply Automatic External Defibrillators trainers (AED ). This gives the student an opportunity for hands-on practice of the AED in order to educate , demonstrate and practice how to properly use an AED in an emergency . These AED give audio and visual prompts that are similar to using a real AED which makes training fun and builds confidence when responding to an emergency in the first few minutes .
Do we conduct onsite Basic Life Support Training with 2 year American Heart Association certifications?
Yes , Basic Life support CPR and AED training is our niche. We enjoy teaching Basic Life Support CPR/AED . BLS  class courses can be taken by anyone although this is a higher learning of CPR suitable for medical field requirements. This training is very effective in that we teach you two rescuer CPR techniques , emergency oxygen using the Bag Valve mask, while using the AED in a two team dynamic.
Why is Onsite mobile training beneficial ?
Onsite Mobile Training gives the freedom of setting up a convenient date and time for your group training . This group training is private and geared toward your training needs . Your group doesn’t have to travel to a training location saving time and money on mileage. Onsite Training is convenient, making your training more personal . We provide more than one AHA certified instructor per class training. We also assure that plenty of training equipment is available for everyone  to experience hands-on training that’s long lasting. We also offer group discounts.
How do you set up your on site mobile training ?
We can be readily reached to discuss and plan your onsite mobile CPR hands on interactive class at your location .To see more about us you can go to our website at www.cprwithjr.com. You can also reach at Our business email is info@cprwithjr.com, or simply give us a call at 727-645-7291. We are easy to talk to so let’s discuss your onsite mobile training needs when you’re ready .
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